There are three different types of discipleship groups at CrossPointe Church: StudyGroups, LifeGroups and MicroGroups. MicroGroups are small three person groups that focus on deep discipleship in three ways:

Relational: As we learned from Jesus’ ministry here on earth, He operated through relationships to impact those around Him. It is through building relationships with others that we form MicroGroups, to grow closer to God and one another through spending time together.

Transformational: It is through God’s Word that He softens our hearts and molds us into the reflection of Jesus Christ. MicroGroups should have heavy focus and time spent together in prayer, Bible reading, and other spiritual disciplines that help disciples growth in their faith.

Reproducible: We are discipled so that we can then go and make more disciples! The goal of each MicroGroup is to build up disciples who then go find other people to repeat the process with.

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