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Reaching Valdosta and South Georgia for Christ

We have always had a heart to reach our city for Christ!  There are basically two methods that we use to win this city for Christ:
1) Engaging the community through our church members, ministries and events and
2) through other Christian ministries and organizations who do an amazing work in the community.
 Below are some of the ways you can serve your city!


On Saturday, July 13th, we gathered  for Serve Day 2024! We went out into our community for various service projects and outreach throughout south GA and north FL.

If you missed it, don't worry! Our next Serve Day will be October 5, 2024!


We know that we are not the only ministry doing God's work in Valdosta or the world. Therefore we have partnered and support the following ministries.

options now

Options Now educates, supports and empowers women facing unexpected pregnancies with compassionate and professional care. If you think you may be pregnant or you are considering abortion, we’re here to help!


Camp Rock began with a broken heart and a vision. There are so many children who are locked into a cycle of poverty and pain. Georgia has approximately 14,000 children in foster care last year; 2,370 of these children have a permanency goal of adoption. Out of those children, there are 250 children who are available for adoption and in need of loving, permanent homes.

There are also thousands of at-risk children who struggle to have their basic needs met. We are working hard to make a difference in the lives of these children. We recognize that we can not change the world, but we can change the world for one child at a time. Join the movement.

project 143

We are passionate about orphans and giving them… HOPE.  We are passionate about doing all we can to save just ONE more child. We are all called to help give these wonderful (but forgotten kids), the experience and the life-changing power of FAMILY.

Project One Forty Three, Inc., (Project 143) is named for those that it serves — namely the 143 million orphans worldwide.  Sadly, since our founding, this number has increased dramatically, but our mission remains the same — to help orphans experience the love of families.

Most orphans have never taken part in a vacation,  shared in a game of catch with dad or gotten “made-up” with mom, much less experienced the life-giving love of being connected to a family.  What can 4 to 8 weeks spent in your family mean to these kids?  HOPE.  By simply opening your home this summer or winter and sharing some love and encouragement to a child who needs it more than you will ever be able to imagine, you will simply be amazed at the miracles that happen. We hope that you will join us and help to combat the global orphan crisis – ONE child at a time.