Jesus: The Holy One of God!

May 14, 2023    David Rogers

Everywhere Jesus went during His ministry, people were amazed! Some were astonished by His miracles. Others were attracted to His willingness to care for them. Many others were just curious. And some, mainly the religious leaders of the day, were absolutely enraged by His teachings. But there is no doubting the remarkable ministry of Jesus! As we walk through chapters 6 and 7 of the gospel of John, we get a glimpse into the life of Christ and how people were impacted by His ministry! Jesus continues to address the needs of the people around Him, while at the same time, He was faithful to teaching His disciples more about who He was, why He came, and what His intentions were. Even the historians of Jesus’ day witnessed and wrote about how remarkable Jesus’ ministry was. As we continue to explore the gospel of John, our prayer will be that those who look into the life of Jesus will be moved into following Him!