Jesus is in the business of changing lives and we LOVE sharing those stories!  Below are just a few stories we've been blessed enough to hear and share with you!

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The Morgan's Story

The Claytons's Story

Heather's Story

Courtney's Story

Jim and Teresa's Story

Ken & Katrina's Story

Brent's Story

Reg's Story

Dave and Crista's

Jeff & Harriet's Story

Deron's Story

Curt's Story

Jaqueline's Story

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Kaid's Story

Emily's Story

The Bailies's Story

Andy and Jeanna's Story

Ransom's Story

Kittie's Story

Rena's Story

Greg & Tammy's Story

Max's Story

Shelly's Story

Erin's Story

Kat's Story

Spence's Story (Leaning)

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