• David Rogers

Five Conversations We Need to Have

It hasn't been long since we finished construction on our permanent home for our main campus! It still has the smell of fresh paint and we still haven't learned where all the rooms are yet! But we all know that the church is not a building! The church is the people of God! And what's interesting about all that is that in the same way we constructed a building, God has a way of molding and shaping our hearts through life transformation! We, as disciples of Christ, are continually under construction!

In a world obsessed with outward appearance, we are often reminded from God's Word that God's ultimate desire for us is holiness. We are reminded that He is constantly transforming us into a person of virtue and that He wants us to be a part of that process. When we choose to renew our hearts and minds, it always results in God transforming our lives. Under Construction is a series designed to challenge us to think about our current relationship with Christ and drive us into a deeper walk with Him!

Here are 4 conversations we need to have during this series:

1. What are the evidences of your salvation?

​Do you know that you know that you know that you are in right standing with God? Can a person even be sure of such a thing? If you are unsure of the answer to this then nothing else matters! This needs to be settled as soon as possible and will be the foundation on which all these other conversations happen

2. How can you ensure you are on the right track?

​Where are you headed and why? Are you just living life aimlessly OR have you allowed the world to director your life for you? We need to talk about your purpose on this earth and whether or not you can be satisfied doing anything else.

3. Are you choosing your friends wisely ?

​Do your friends build you up or pull you down? We are called to be relational and live in community, but we need to talk about whether your community has your best interest in mind.

4.What can be done to keep your mind focused on Christ?

​Distraction. It's everywhere you turn. Do we just except that while we constantly drift away from pursuing Jesus, or should we talk about ways to remain focused on Him?

5. What will heaven be like?

​Are you looking forward to Heaven or do you think life on this earth really is the best there is? A right view of Heaven changes everything so we need to talk about whether the Heaven you have in your head is the Heaven that really exists!


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