• David Rogers

Are We Ready For What's Coming?

In everyone's journey, there are moments and times that clearly define fresh starting points! It's not that one is starting over, but rather getting ready for what's to come next. As a faith family that started from very humble beginnings, we have seen God move in incredible ways! We have seen Him change lives and build a Faith Family! We have seen Him build His church and mature people of faith. We have seen people both young and old experience

community and we have seen people surrender to a call to ministry and be sent out to plant the Gospel in other places around this country! Well, on Easter 2017, there will be yet another moment in our life when we see a new beginning as we move into our new and permanent home. After 11 years, construction has begun and almost completed. But the question is, are we spiritually ready for this next step in our life!

Jesus once told His disciples, "whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do..." (John 14:12) As both individual followers of Christ, and as a collective body of believers, these words of Jesus should excited us! They speak of a time where big things are just around the corner and where God will be using the church to accomplish things for His glory! These words speak of something ahead! So again, the question is, are we ready? Are we ready to be used in such a way that as the community watches us move in to this new building, they will easily recognize the reality that God has accomplished so much through our faith family, and that this family continues to give Him all the glory! Will our faith be evident to the community as we continue to have the audacity to believe that God wants to use us in even greater ways than He already has? This series is about making sure we are ready for the next big thing! We can't begin to guess what God might be up to. We can't pretend to know what only He knows! But what we can do is look into God's Word to see how it challenges us to make preparations and to be expectant of greater things to come!

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