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We are CrossPointe Church Online!

Hey CrossPointe, as we adapt to the conditions placed upon us by the Corona Virus we are more optimistic than ever! With years of experience ministering through a strong online presence and always on he bleeding edge of technology we believe that God has been preparing us for this for years!

As a church we must step forward in faith during this season of confusion and uncertainty! Though we may not be meeting collectively right now, the church is still alive and active! The need for ministry does not go away because of a crisis, but instead it increases! Our pastors and ministry team are still caring for people and ministering in creative ways!

So how is it that we should be responding to all of this? We want to share 5 ways your ministry team is responding and how you can join us!

1. We are Praying!

The response of every believer should be to go to God as our first priority, not our last resort. In Scripture, it is times like this where we see God’s people making prayer a priority! We too need to make prayer a priority!

How can you join us?
One of the things we want to do is invite you, as the church, to join us each week for prayer at noon. Click the link below to join CrossPointe Church Online as we pray together. Feel free to share your prayer requests with us. Our staff and leadership are committed to praying with you and for you.


2. We are filling our hearts with God’s Word!

We are reading less news and more truth! The unshakable foundation for our lives is God’s Word. It is our source of wisdom, comfort, and faith. It helps defines our current reality and brighten our path forward.

How can you join us?

Fill your hearts with God through worship and the study the Word of God with us through our online church services. The Bible tells us that we should not forsake the gathering together with the saints and with Church online we don't have to! CrossPointe Church Online services are identical to live weekend services including worship, prayer, offering and a relevant message from God's Word!


3. We as a staff are Increasing our Generosity!

God’s people should not fear in difficult times. But instead, we react in faith believing that God uses our increased generosity to meet needs and shine a light of hope into the darkness!

How can you join us?

Help us continue to reach Valdosta for Christ through your generous giving, click the link below to give!

4. We are responding to the Community!

Missions doesn’t stop just because there is a crisis! In fact, it increases! Your team is already ministering in ways that meets the immediate needs of people!

How can you join us?

We are prayerfully considering how best to respond to these needs and be the hands and feet of Christ in times like this. Click the link below to serve with us as we meet people's needs!

5. We are also making more resources available!

We are working on ways to minister to you at home and ways you can minister your family and small groups! I heard it once said that “The best way to predict the future is to create it!” As as ministry team, we are thinking of creative ways to minister to our faith family at both campuses and the greater Valdosta area!

How can you join us?

Follow along with us on all of our channels to keep up with the changes to our situation and how we are reaching our city in this most difficult of times. We will post here below and on these channels as new ways to connect become available!

15 Mar 2019

To all of our faith family at CrossPointe Church and our guests,


We have been following the situation closely on the Coronavirus COVID-19 and wanted to let you know that we are responding to this recent development with great care and attention. I have spoken with many government and community leaders including many of the other Lowndes County Pastors. We care deeply for our church family and our guests and we want to act wisely and responsibly. Our first response in any trial is to always take refuge in God.  Faith in God, however, does not remove the need for wisdom and appropriate caution. Our most important concern is always for the people we minister to and those who walk our halls each and every week. 


Yesterday I put out a letter that highlighted the extra steps we are taking at CrossPointe Church and also laid out some things you can do to help. If you have not seen that announcement, you can find it on our home page at


After listening to Governor Kemp’s press conference, speaking to other community and church leaders, and after the announcement of our area schools closing, we are taking further precautions to keep our faith family safe from this virus. As of now, this Sunday, March 15, 2020, we will move to only one service at 11:00am. One of our primary concerns would be not being able to sufficiently sanitize our children’s ministry rooms in between multiple services. We will be doing other things like refraining from serving coffee, propping doors open, and minimizing contact during our greeting of one another. 


However, what we want to stress more than anything is that we want you to do what’s best for your family! If you feel it’s best to stay home, then, by all means, please do. We will be offering livestream of the services so you can watch from home. If you are not feeling well, we certainly want to ask you to stay home and get well soon. Sunday morning will be focused on coming together to worship and pray for our country and the community in which we live. Prayer for our church and this community is very important. We understand if you choose to worship from home. 


In addition, all of our children and student ministries will be canceled until further notice as well as all other gatherings and ministries during the week. I will personally be addressing the current situation this Sunday and leading us in a time of prayer. 

With love, 


Pastor David Rogers

March 12, 2020

An Important Message From Pastor David


Dear Faith Family,

With coronavirus COVID-19 updates dominating the news these days, and with the flu season in full swing it’s easy to start wondering about the spread of disease at places where people are gathering. From schools, places of business, places of employment, sports stadiums, concerts, grocery stores, department stores, and churches, there are some common-sense preventative measures that you can take to ensure that you stay healthy.

According to the World Health Organization, “coronavirus” is a blanket term for many viruses, including the common cold and the new COVID-19 outbreak. The difference between the two is that COVID-19 can advance to cause serious infections that include breathing difficulty, pneumonia, and even death. 80% of coronavirus COVID-19 cases are mild, and those who are at most risk of serious infection and death are over the age of 50 or have existing health conditions. Younger patients tend to be carriers of the disease and fully recover. You can visit the World Health Organization site for more information on coronavirus COVID-19. Though we believe there is no need to panic over this, we do need to be smart about the daily spread of any virus. It’s up to each of us to keep the spread of disease under control. 


At CROSSPOINTE CHURCH we have always taken necessary steps to ensure our church is a place of cleanliness. But in light of everything happening in our world today, we are taking even more precautions to go above and beyond our normal sanitation and disinfectant standards. We are sanitizing highly touched surfaces before and after every service such as doors, handles, tables, water fountains, check-in stations, and sinks. This includes a heavy focus on kids' ministry areas. We will also be providing additional hand sanitizer around campus for everyone to use


There are a few tips you can take as you interact with others. First, Keep your hands clean. Washing our hands and the use of alcohol hand sanitizers helps in the spread of all kinds of sicknesses. Just like the common cold, COVID-19 coronavirus is typically spread via saliva that comes from when someone sneezes or coughs. Keeping our hands clean can help with this. Secondly, keep contact to a minimum. Keep a safe distance from those who may show symptoms of common cold or allergies or may not be in your family. Three feet is usually regarded as a safe distance. Third, stay home if you show any signs of being sick. You can always worship with us via livestream. 


We need to remember that followers of Jesus do not need to live in fear. He has power over all things, and we are eternally secure. As believers, we are to trust the Lord in all things. Also, our calling is to love our neighbor, whether they are sick or healthy. So let’s be in prayer for those around the world who are suffering and for God’s mercy and wisdom for US and global leaders as they deal with the crisis.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team!

Sincerely yours, 



Pastor David Rogers